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An Essential Overview of Creo Simulate

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 09-Sep-2014 13:30:00

Creo Simulate OverviewCreo Simulate provides the capabilities necessary for structural and thermal simulation analysis. It gives users that all-important early insight into how their product will perform. It can also reduce the time and cost associated with physical prototying. 

How does Creo Simulate work?

Creo Simulate allows you to open and view CAD data from other Creo apps, so that you can begin your analysis. After you have opened the model you want to analyse, the first step is to define the material properties by selecting it from the library and applying it to the model. The next step is then to add constraints to the model, where you define how this part is fixed under a load.

Before the analysis can be complete, the part needs to have a mesh. But, since generating an accurate mesh takes times, you can use the automatic mesh generating wizard to help you save time. Now that you have built you test, you can run a structural static analysis. Once you edit the test definition and run the analysis, you can open and view the results.

What are the core capabilities of Creo Simulate? 

Creo Simulate includes the ability to complete:

  • Structural simulation
  • Steady state thermal temperatures, fluxes etc.
  • Model solids, beams, shells, masses, springs
  • Fully integrated workflow and UI
  • Advanced idealisation tools and rich capabilities  including 3D contact
  • Nonlinear and extended capabilities (that were previously available as part of Creo Elements Pro Advanced Mechanica) are also available as an add-on in the PTC Creo Advanced Simulation Extension

What are the benefits of using Creo Simulate?

In short, the benefits of using Creo Simulate include?

  • Increased product quality and performance
  • Reduce time and cost of physical prototypes
  • Reduce design cycle time
  • Manufacturing cost reduction

Want to find out more? Try Creo Parametric for 30 days: 

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