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How Onshape makes CAD collaboration easy

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 14-Jan-2022 10:00:00

Engineers no longer have to tolerate archaic legacy software that puts obstacles in the way of collaboration. Let’s find out more.


Today, engineering teams often work remotely, spread out across the country, even the globe. Teams from outside the company may also be involved in the process. When engineers collaborate, you get a more efficient projects and a better product at the end. So, why does CAD software make it so hard for teams to collaborate if they’re not sitting around the same computer?




In this article, we’ll look at some of the problems that come up when engineering teams collaborate on projects. Then, we’ll look at how Onshape solves them.


How legacy CAD software stifles collaboration


If you’re still using an outdated CAD application in your engineering team, you know how hard it is if you want to get your individual team members to work together. With all that back and forth, things can go wrong, including:

  • Lost or corrupt files that reset the whole project back to zero
  • No single source of truth – how do you know if you’re working on the latest version of the design?
  • Slower projects - because multiple engineers cannot work on the same design at the same time
  • Duplication of work - engineers have to add each other’s changes to the main design  to keep the project up-to-date


Some teams work around these problems by setting up a screen share of the CAD screen on a video call and having engineers talk together on the phone. But it’s 2022. Surely there’s a better way?


Introducing Onshape


If you’re still stuck to the same CAD application you’ve been using for years (and suffering from the problems mentioned in the previous section), then it’s time to get to know Onshape.


Onshape gives its users instant and secure CAD file sharing. With Onshape, you can allow your colleagues, partners, external suppliers or anyone else you choose to access your files. You can give them permission to view, comment or edit your CAD models. Then, if you wish, you can withdraw access when the project has finished. Sharing designs is simple and can be done with just one click. 


Onshape works by keeping one design as the single source of truth, so if one person makes a change, everyone else who has access can see it instantly. Everyone knows what’s happening without a barrage of phone calls or emails. It means you can work faster, with no duplication of work. It makes communication within teams much more effective – and as we know, communication is key.


In today’s world with remote teams, increased collaboration and multiple stakeholders, only Onshape gives you what you need to work efficiently and accurately. 


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