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TSM : Insight proves value of IoT innovation


1: Insight is TSM's latest innovation

2: It delivers a new level of value for both current and future clients

3: It is created on the ThingWorx IoT platform

TSM : Insight proves value of IoT innovation

We get the level of support - with a local flavour

Hamish Brown

Technical Insight Lead


TSM has been in business for over 40 years, developing, designing and manufacturing material handling systems for the plastic industry.

From hardware to Insight - delivering new value to clients

It became evident that the plastics industry didn’t have very good visibility of material costs, TSM realised that all the information regarding accurate data measurement was stored on their blender devices. The ‘eureka’ moment was when they realised that this information allowed them to adopt lean practices to streamline their processes.

Insight is TSM’s latest innovation, which delivers a new level of value for both current and future clients.  Insight is a performance management system for decision makers within a manufacturing environment, providing real-time information from the OT world and the IT world, helping them to make better decisions within their manufacturing plans.


Insight is created with the ThingWorx IoT platform, which was chosen for a number of reasons, included the security and 24/7 support provided in PTC’s hosted solution.

Another reason TSM chose ThingWorx is the Kepware integration. This functionality provides TSM with almost 300 different device protocols, enabling them to talk to devices other than their proprietary blenders.


Almost 300 different device protocols with the ThingWorx Kepware integration


Hosted solution from PTC offers 24/7 support


TSM describes its partnership with PTC as ‘fantastic’. It's helped them develop a lot faster than anticipated, taking Insight from a prototype, to a Beta, then an Alpha product, and finally now with fully productised version of Insight, running within a factory environment.

Working with PTC, Honeycomb and Concurrent Engineering

PTC is a global company with a lot of resources to support their customers, which really helped to speed up the product development path. But, one of the main reasons TSM did progress with PTC, is the strong local representation in Ireland through Honeycomb and also a presence in the UK with Concurrent. This means that TSM has the level of support they need -  with a local flavour.

Insight and TSM have a bright future - with a huge appetite to embrace this opportunity.

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