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Product Design is changing

The world is seeing major global shifts to what it means to productively design. As a result, it’s more important to reduce operational costs, maximise revenue growth, and increase efficiency in streamlined and effective ways.

We all work in an increasingly competitive, global market. Today it's easier than ever for competitive disruption to emerge from anywhere in the world - especially as new technologies are changing what is possible in design and manufacturing. Productivity in manufacturing markets is still growing, but the pace of growth is slowing. Companies that are not adapting at the same speed as the competition, risk falling behind.

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Augmented Reality

Get cloud-based AR in every seat. View, share and collaborate on designs with colleagues, customers and suppliers -  anytime, anywhere. 

Simulation & Analysis

Creo Simulation Live brings fast, easy simulation into the modeling environment. Get real-time feedback on your designs.

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Additive Manufacturing

Improved power when you design for additive manufacturing. Includes new lattice structures, build direction definition and slicing for 3D printing.

Core Productivity Enhancements

Accelerate your productivity with a modernised overall user experience and UI.

Creo 7: A Look Under the Hood

Discover the new features and functionality in the latest release

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5 product design challenges that Creo 7.0 tackles.

Creo 7.0 helps Engineering Managers support cutting-edge product development, by accelerating innovation, reusing the best of your design and replacing assumptions with facts.

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