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Value Roadmap

Identifying and Realizing Value in Product Development

Many manufacturers struggle to link strategy with operations, and as a result, great plans often remain just that – plans - and not great products. Yet a few standout companies find a way to cross this divide and create robust and regular pipelines of successful products. By studying the traits of these winners, PTC has created the PTC Value Roadmap - a unique tool to help manufacturers find and unlock the value within product development.



The PTC Value Roadmap helps senior executives make their corporate strategies operational by linking them to improvements in product development processes with a simplicity and clarity that did not previously exist in the industry.

It also helps functional owners do a better job of internally selling technology funding and process improvement initiatives. Contact us today for your free Value Roadmap Consultation.

The Value Roadmap based on:

  • Research of over 900 companies in North America, Europe and Asia
  • More than 40 interviews conducted with executives in leading manufacturing companies.
  • Consultation with leading product development academics
  • Six-month study conducted with Boston Consulting Group
  • Interviews with PTC's internal Product Development Consulting experts

The Value Roadmap Framework

The fundamental premise of the Value Roadmap is that there is a linkage between corporate strategy, operations, and required capabilities.

  Strategy   Initiatives   Operations   Capabilities
  Value Opportunities > Business Initatives > Processes > Capabilities
For Example Grow market share with customer focused products   Improve the ability to collaborate with customers   Enhance the maturity of the detailed design process   Customer -accessible Web based collaboration sites with embedded product visualization