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Date: Thursday January 21st
Time: 12:00pm GMT

We are in the midst of a wave of medical disruption. For the health care and life sciences industry, disruption represents a fundamental rethinking of how medical care is delivered. Some are viewing this as an example of a new frontier of innovation: the convergence of physical and digital data.

The patient health care value chain is being disrupted and reformulated to be more collaborative, outcome-based and metrics-driven. The growth of wearables and smart, connected medical devices is ushering in a new era of patient-centric, data-rich health care. Scientific advances are ushering in a new era of personalized medical treatment, which maps medicines to your specific DNA.

The business of health care is also in transition. New “outcomes as a service” business models are transferring the cost of post-market maintenance from the medical buyer (hospitals) to the manufacturer of medical devices. The industry is rethinking their approach to risk as they transition from “sick care” to “well care” health models – driving expanded access to remote health care.

Join us to discover:
- The true importance of the innovation imperative
- Regulatory realities
- What leaders in your industry are doing to achieve both
- How a PLM approach can help with Design Control
- Best practices for incorporating Product Quality into your designs from the outset

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