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Increase Design Re-use

Using the design of an existing part or assembly as a starting point for a new part or assembly can reduce development time and the risk of making fundamental design errors.

The key to building better products faster is to adopt best-practice strategies around planning ahead by creating categories and indexes to build up a library and then putting search tools in place to automate information retrieval.
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How Mid-sized Manufacturers Can Shed Disposable Models and Design for Reuse

Now that all-digital product development is a reality and information collaboration is a fact of business life, reusing product design information is becoming a necessity. However, Aberdeen Research found that performance gaps between many manufacturers can be tied directly to the effectiveness of how companies approach design reuse.

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Design Reuse: The Key to Building Better Products Faster

Design reuse has come a long way from the days of searching for part numbers and recording data in paper notebooks. Today's methods are far easier and much more efficient- adding needed speed to the entire product development process. Learn how you can save as much as 75% of a design engineers modeling time, improve quality and time to market. 

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