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Transforming product design, manufacture and service solutions

Supporting best-in-class companies modernise and optimise their whole product development lifecycle

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Delivering Connected Design Solutions

  • Competitive Advantage

    Reduction in time to market means that businesses gain an edge over their competitors.

  • Enhanced Productivity

    Earlier discoveries of design problems means potential issues can be corrected soon, rather than at a later stage in the development process.

  • Decrease Design & Development Time

    Make products which match their customer’s needs, in less time and at a reduced cost

Knowledge of Windchill+

Advantage of Mathcad

Our products

Get the technologies you need to increase value across the supply chain - for you, your partners and, most of all, your customers.

Get to Know Creo+

  • Competitive Advantage

    Get the best of both worlds—proven Creo technology, combined with cloud-connected collaboration and license management tools.

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Knowledge of Creo+

An innovative approach to helicopter design

An innovative approach to helicopter design

“We're a new business, and we want to run in a modern way — everything is tied together. PTC provides the tools you need to make innovative design a reality.”


Training and Development

At Concurrent Engineering we offer accredited training for all PTC products. All courses are led by experienced engineers and qualified trainers, giving you both software knowledge and real world usage advice, resulting in the best possible training available.
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Trained in Computer Aided Design


Digital Transformation

There's more to digital transformation than simply implementing new technology. Setting clear goals, focusing on key benefits and creating a digital-friendly culture will set your company up for success.


Smart Connected Operations

Enhance your business efficiency with smart operations. Discover a 5-step framework for process optimisation and explore how connected assets and digital supply chains can revolutionise your workflow. 

Writing effective requirements can be the difference between success and failure on an engineering project. Good requirements ensure all project elements are understood from the start. On the other hand, badly written requirements can lead to expensive errors and delays.

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Digital transformation

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape of modern manufacturing, embracing digital transformation (DX) is essential to remain competitive. 92% of global manufacturers have started their DX journey, modernising traditional processes with innovative solutions.

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AR is revolutionising the way companies train new recruits, delivering significant benefits. Let’s find out more about it.

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