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Concurrent Engineering

How to Register for a Training Course

To register on a course contact us using any of details below

Phone: 0121 506 9720

Fax: 0121 506 9721

E-mail: training@concurrent-engineering.co.uk



The Oracle Building

Blythe Valley Park


West Midlands

B90 8AD


When Concurrent Engineering receives a signed purchase order, the registration is confirmed.




Course Start

First day start at 9.30 am, all remaining days 9.00am.


Course Documentation

All documentation is included in the course fee and is provided to the student on the first day.



If required, a list of nearby hotels will be provided.



Course fees for in-centre classes include course documentation, lunch and refreshments and FREE copy of Pro/ENGINEER Student edition. Cost for on-site training does not include the instructor's travel, lodging (if required) and meal expenses, which are additional.


Rescheduling or cancellation of your registration on a course must be made to Concurrent Engineering in writing, 10 (ten) working days prior to the scheduled course start date. Concurrent Engineering will charge the full cost of any course, cancelled after this date. Substitutions may be permitted at any time. Concurrent Engineering reserve the rights to cancel, reschedule or relocate a course 6(six) working days prior to the course starting date. Any payment made for a cancelled course will be refunded in full or applied to another course.


Concurrent Engineering issues an invoice before the completion of the course. All fees are due and payable in full within 30 (thirty) days of the date of the invoice.