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PTC Windchill

Decrease product development, streamline processes and reduce costs through product lifecycle management with PTC Windchill. It is comprehensive software to manage all data, content, documentation and processes.

Download the Windchill 11 Datasheet

What is Windchill?

Windchill is the industry-leading PLM software from PTC.

Windchill’s open architecture allows for easy integration with other enterprise systems. With comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality and highly-configurable role and task-based apps, you can expand access to valuable product data to stakeholders who don’t typically use PLM. While doing this you can still avoid over-customization and complexity. For manufacturers embarking on digital transformation, Windchill provides a solid foundation for the smart, connected enterprise. 

PTC’s Windchill solution offers:

AR Design Share

Enable teammates to interact with product design at its full size and within its physical context, all while maintaining IP protection

Highly-Configurable Applications

Out-of-the-box applications for domain experts as well as apps that are role- and task-based

Digital Thread Backbone

Associate product data across the value chain, leveraging multi-system data orchestration 

Flexible Deployment

Whether in the PTC Cloud or on-premises

Performance and Scale

Easily manage large data sets with our flexible PLM data model

Smart and Connected

Leverage industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data from fielded 

devices and machines in the context of the product design


Use Windchill to control product data, including MCAD, ECAD and documentation. Windchill cross-checks data and also provides total visibility to information sources.

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Capabilities of Windchill

  • Product Data Management
  • BOM Management
  • Change and Configuration Management 
  • Platforms, Options and Variants 
  • Manufacturing, process planning and work instructions 
  • Quality Management