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Reducing Scrap - Strategies to reduce scrap

Production scrap can come from anywhere. It can result from parts ordered from a sub-assembly supplier that don’t fit into a finished assembly or it can be a physical prototype that was used and discarded.

The key to reducing production scrap is to digitally define all product information. With advances in design and manufacturing integration, full digital product representation is easier than ever.

Strategies to Reduce Scrap and Rework

“In today’s competitive market, companies need to look for ways to reduce excess costs and preserve valuable time. To identify successful practices for reducing scrap and rework, Aberdeen examined two areas that are a source of scrap: the design process and manufacturing planning.”
Learn how companies looking to reduce costs and save time by reducing their scrap rates and required rework can look to those who are most satisfied with their scrap and rework rates for best practices to improve. 


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