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From December 31st 2021, older versions of Mathcad (Mathcad 15 and Mathcad Prime 1.0 – Prime 6.0) will no longer be available.
From January 1st 2022, the only version of Mathcad available for subscription will be Mathcad Prime 7. Users of older versions of Mathcad will need to upgrade to the latest version.
You’ll no longer be able to renew your subscriptions on your older versions of the software.

Why is this change happening?

This change is happening because PTC, the makers of Mathcad, will no longer have the right to distribute versions of Mathcad that contain a third-party legacy symbolic engine. This engine is present in older versions of Mathcad (Mathcad 15 and Mathcad Prime 1.0 – Prime 6.0). The agreement ends on December 31st 2021.

When do I need to upgrade my Mathcad software?

If you’re using an older version of Mathcad, you need to upgrade your software to Mathcad Prime 7. You have until December 31st to make the switch.

I’m on a multi-year contract with an older version of Mathcad. Do I still need to upgrade?

If you’re on a multi-year contract with an older iteration of Mathcad, and you don’t want to upgrade, you can keep your older software until the end of your contract. However, you cannot renew your older license once your contract has ended.

Can I take out a new multi-year contract on an older version of Mathcad before the end of 2021?

Yes. If you’re using an older version without a multi-year contract and you don’t want to upgrade, you can take out a new multi-year contract at any time before December 7th 2021.

However, at the end of your new multi-year agreement, you will have to upgrade, as this option is only available once.

Will you still provide support for users of older versions after January 1st 2022?

Yes. We will continue to provide technical support for older versions of Mathcad. However, we cannot issue new licenses or provide access to software downloads after the start of 2022.

We strongly advise you to upgrade to Mathcad Prime 7 at the earliest opportunity - using old versions of software introduces implicit risks in security, hardware and software platform support.

What differences are there between Mathcad Prime 7 and the older Mathcad software I’m currently using?

Mathcad Prime 7 was released in March 2021. It brings new functions and capabilities, with over a dozen enhancements to the symbolic engine. It’s also simpler to use, designed with useability at heart.

Here are some of the handy new features you’ll find in Mathcad Prime 7:

  • Control calculations with drop-down menus for variable definitions
  • Directly save worksheets in PDF format
  • New scroll and focus options for enhanced readability
  • Easy conversion of worksheets from older Mathcad versions without having to install legacy versions
  • Comprehensive help guide for Mathcad API

Mathcad Prime 7 is your comprehensive yet intuitive solution, performing complex calculations with accuracy and precision, showing your work and enabling traceability. It’s an essential component of your tech stack for engineering excellence.

I want to upgrade. What do I need to do next?

If you need any help upgrading, talk to your contact at Concurrent Engineering on 0121 5069720 or email sales@conurrent-engineering.co.uk