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Pro|ENGINEER Prismatic and Multisurface Milling

Complete Milling

Not all CAM solutions are created equal. Some tools emphasize ease-of-use, others promote cost advantages. The best solution for directly machining product parts on production lines would be price competitive, feature-rich, yet, unlike other CAM tools, it would enjoy seamless compatibility with the design. This is Pro/ENGINEER Prismatic and Multi-Surface Milling. A virtual milling “specialist” for prismatic machining, it greatly and affordably increases NC productivity and improves manufacturing tooling and factory equipment design processes.


Features & Benefits

  • Multi-surface, 3-axis milling, including support for 4-axis and 5-axis positioning.
  • NC Program creation, process documentation, post-processing and toolpath verification and simulation.
  • Improves product quality and manufacturing consistency by generating toolpath directly on solid models.
  • As part of an integral CAD/CAM solution, no data translation is required.
  • Reduces time to market with associative toolpath updates to design changes