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Product Lifecycle Management Special Offer

A Single Digital Platform for Today and Tomorrow

Drive Collaboration and Innovation - Save Up to 10%

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Reap the Rewards of Digital Transformation

Is the technology you use for product development preventing your company from realizing its digital transformation vision? Are you experiencing any of the following problems:

  • Difficulty managing CAD data from multiple systems (including multiple CAD systems)
  • Inefficient collaboration across departments and processes, slowing new product introduction
  • Engineers working with a myriad of applications and multiple spreadsheets
  • Inability to create a digital thread or take advantage of emerging technologies like Augmented Reality

Companies of all sizes have solved these challenges and more by embracing our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, Windchill.

Digital transformation is changing the way your company handles product development. The smart, connected product boom means you need to enable collaboration and drive innovation across your company. Manufacturers still relying on disconnected processes and tools for product development are at a disadvantage. That’s why you need enterprise PLM today.

Explore Polaris’s key steps to digital transformation

To achieve its vision, Polaris adopted a step-by-step approach to digital transformation. In the process, it is unlocking the power of its employees through PTC solutions.

Discover how Polaris is extending enterprise PLM through technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and role-based apps. Watch the video to find out how it fuels collaboration across the organisation and delivers high-quality vehicles and services to its customers.

New PLM Packaging and Pricing Available!

Explore New Packages

Discover Why Forrester and Others Rank PTC the Top PLM Solution Provider

Best-in-class manufacturers deserve a best-in-class PLM partner. According to Forrester, that partner is PTC:

“PTC has done well in adopting emerging technologies and predicting the trajectory of the discrete manufacturing market… PTC is a great choice for discrete manufacturers looking for an involved vendor with IoT capabilities that can get their PLM solution up and running quickly and flexibly.” - Forrester

And Quadrant Knowledge Solutions confirms that PTC is the clear PLM leader. Download its report today to learn why PTC received strong ratings. See why PTC stands apart for its sophisticated technology platform, competitive differentiation strategy, and application diversity. Discover why PTC PLM is noted for its ease of deployment and use, and overall customer impact.

Find out why PTC was named a leader in PLM solutions for discrete manufacturing:


Achieving digital transformation through technology

Digital transformation is possible for every organization. That’s the secret to the success of manufacturers of all sizes fostering enterprise-wide innovation and collaboration.

iRobot, took 5 actionable steps to drive greater value from PLM. Explore the real-world experience of iRobot.

Lifetime Products, Listen to Brady Buchanan, Director of PLM, discuss how Lifetime Products moved from paper-based to digital BOMs. Explore its step-by-step approach and the tangible benefits that resulted.

Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited reduced production-based engineering changes by 73%.

Navantia improves accuracy and transparency between engineering and manufacturing.

Liebherr-Components Biberach GmbH is reducing costs and driving new service revenue.

Take advantage of time-limited discounts!

PTC has created new PLM Pricing and Packaging to better align with your business objectives around digital transformation.* Available today, this packaging applies to:

  • Windchill Enterprise Packages for the expert PLM user
  • Windchill Role Specific Add-On Apps for Designers, Manufacturing, Service, Quality and Industry Overlays
  • ThingWorx Navigate Packages for the non-expert enterprise PLM user

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Maybe you’d like to enjoy your legacy PLM pricing a bit longer. Or perhaps you’re ready to embrace our new PLM Packaging. Either way, take advantage of the 10% off packages through September 30th.

*PTC will offer legacy pricing and packaging until further notice. However, additional seats of legacy pricing and packaging will not be available for purchase after September 30th, 2019. We will honour existing contracts that call for legacy packages by name for the duration of those agreements. PTC will keep supporting all products and solutions under both the legacy and new package names.

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