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Now Available! Creo 8.0

Creo 8.0 allows designers to be more creative than ever. It’s packed with some exciting new enhancements and capabilities to help you design the products of the future.

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Modernisation of the overall user experience and interface

VR 2

Augmented Reality

New capabilities in augmented reality, real-time simulation, and design for additive manufacturing



Key productivity improvements



  • Increased capacity for working with massive assemblies, utilising faster and smarter retrieval of native or 3rd party product data
  • Edit imported designs and data more quickly. Accommodate late-stage design changes and streamline de-featuring of design more efficiently
  • Restructure, reorder and rename components in your assembly designs
  • Capture detailed model information faster and easier in a new dedicated 3D annotation environment. Create annotations and combined states with ease
  • Better simulate reality, with new rich simulation capabilities. Improve predictions of product performance
  • To discuss your requirements or address specific questions about Creo to a leading Creo UK partner, contact Concurrent Engineering now

Capabilities in Creo

Creo Parametric was created as a sound foundation software that allows its users to expand deeper functionality with each component. As your products become more complex in its engineering, Creo offers expanded capabilities to meet your requirements.

No product is made equal and your 3D CAD solution shouldn’t be either. Explore Creo’s capabilities that mold to your unique craft.


Creo 8.0 has advanced with Creo Simulation Live

You can now access real-time guidance on decisions while you’re making them! Creo Simulation Live is running in the background, giving you instant feedback on your design changes as you are working. This eliminates the need to move between windows, create a mesh and simplify geometry. With Creo Simulation Live you can iterate more quickly, with greater confidence.



Creo 7.0 continues to improve the quality of your designs, making the process quicker and more efficient.

Updated dashboards and skin: Dashboards have been enhanced, they now group functions more clearly and include direct access to help information for the specific feature

Model Tree Improvements: The model tree is aligned closer to the graphics area. Non-activated components in the assembly have reduced visibility matching the graphics area. Any customisations that are made to the model tree are now automatically stored, in preparation for the next time you work with a model

Mini Toolbar: The in-feature mini toolbar allows users to execute feature options inside the graphics area without having to use the dashboard

Cable ties and Markers: There is now a more modernised and streamlined interface to allow you to add markers and cable ties

Model-based design continued expansion: A modernised notes interface allows for simpler and more intuitive placement of notes on your model. Notes now understand the geometry and annotations that they are associated with

Continued volume sweep: This enables you to generate the curve that the tool follows to drive the CNC machine


The world is seeing major global shifts to what it means to productively design. As a result, it’s more important to reduce operational costs, maximise revenue growth, and increase efficiency in streamlined and effective ways.

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