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Creo Schematics

Trying to translate 2D schematics into route 3D cables and pipes is an exasperating challenge that many product design engineers have to face. Creo Schematics (previously known as Pro/ENGINEER Routed Systems Designer) provides a solution. It is a 2D schematic CAD app designed to record electrical and mechanical systems, which also translating the data into Creo for your 3D cable and pipe designs. 

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How to Use Pro/DIAGRAM to Mould 3D Designs

You can utilise legacy Pro/DIAGRAM schematics to mould your 3D designs. This removes the risk of data misapprehension and makes sure the logical compliance with the schematic.

Features & benefits of Creo Schematics

  • Make schematic designs quickly and easily and allow total system documentation no matter how complex the design
  • Multi-disciplinary, including abilities for: wiring, piping, and hydraulic schematics
  • Enhanced for use with3D cabling and piping routing within Creo Parametric 
  • Drive 3D cabling routing within Creo Direct to save time and decrease mistakes
  • Multi-usability allows for improved efficiencies in simultaneous design work
  • The diagram tools support design reuses and also automation as part of the overall product development

Why You Should Adopt the Latest Software  

Companies know they should adopt the latest software; it means having the most up-to-date tools to get the job done. But, this isn't the only reason to adopt the latest software. 


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5 Reasons to Adopt the Latest Software