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Creo flexible modeling

Creo Flexible Modelling

Organisations of all sizes are adding flexible modelling capabilities, to Creo to improve their product design process. Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX) makes Creo Parametric more flexible - and accelerates the ability to answer and explore multiple design options. Users can seamlessly handle late changes, evolve concept designs faster and directly edit multi-CAD data.


Download: Creo Flexible Modeling Datasheet


Creo flexible modeling

Introducing the Creo Flexible Modeling Extension

Using Creo FMX, it is simple to choose and adapt a full range of design geometry, as well as other features such as rounds and patterns, maintaining the full design intent.  Creo FMX optimises your time and decreases mistakes in 3D CAD modelling.


4 Ways Flexible Modeling Improves Product Design

1. Drive Late-Stage Design Changes

When working with 3D models, late-stage design changes are often strenuous and time-consuming, requiring you to recreate the model from nothing. However, with Creo and Flexible Modeling, you can make quick, simple modifications to your geometry, without losing the original design intent or the ability to make future amends.

2. Improve Design Collaboration with Others

Few manufacturers have the luxury of a single CAD environment anymore. Even internally, companies are using multiple CAD tools. Creo combined with the Flexible Modeling Extension is ideal for these scenarios, as designers can open 3D models from other systems and edit geometry directly.

3. Create More Concept Designs

In many cases, concepts don't start from scratch - they will begin with one or more existing models. With Creo and Flexible Modeling, you can leverage and modify those models to speed up idea generation. You can create new concepts without losing the design intent or embedded intelligence of the original model. The best part is that Flexible Modeling works with models built using parametric or direct approaches.  

4. Ease CAD Consolidation In-House

By standardising in Creo, companies can cut product introduction time, streamline processes, and increase the overall product quality.

Discover how Creo Flexible Modeling can help you today

Download: Creo Flexible Modeling Datasheet