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Multi-CAD Data Exchange

Achieve complete data transfer from multiple 2D and 3D file formats. The multi-CAD data exchange add-on extensions for Creo Parametric provide users with associative interoperability, as well as digital right management to protect your IP, distributed processing, and interoperability with 3rd party applications.

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Multi-CAD data extensions available for Creo:

  • Creo Rights Management- Protect your valuable intellectual property, so you can share your data with confidence.
  • Creo Distributed Batch- Save time with web-based distributed computing technologies.
  • Creo Interface for CADDS 5
  • Creo Interface for CATIA V4- Read native CATIA V4 data within Creo and also create associative relationships between models.
  • Creo Interface for CATIA V5- Able to read CATIA V5 data within Creo and also retains associativitiy.
  • Creo Interface for JT- Take the structural, geometrical and visual data from JT files, so they can be leveraged in Creo.
  • Creo Interface for NX- Connects with live sessions of Siemens Unigraphics to exchange geometry with Creo.
  • Creo Legacy Data Migration- Allows Creo Parametric to connect 2D drawings with 3D models imported from external CAD systems.
  • Creo Toolkit- Lets users customise an extensive range of functionalities to match their specific product development requirements.
  • GRANITE Interoperability Kernel- Remove compatibility problems when using CAD software.