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CAD Extensions for 3D design work

Creo 3D CAD Extensions provide users with tailored capabilities to enhance design potential. Capture anything, from structural frameworks to digital human models, using Creo CAD Extensions.

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3D CAD Extensions are currently available:

  • Creo Flexible Modeling- Want more flexibility to overcome late-stage design changes? Creo FMX lets users choose and modify geometry and features within designs, to save time and decrease errors.
  • Creo Advanced Assembly- Improves the productivity of distributed teams by managing design criteria, top-down assembly and process planning.
  • Creo ECAD-MCAD Collaboration- Enhances your ability to collaborate between electrical and mechanical design teams and improve electromechanical detailed design work.
  • Creo Advanced Framework- Lets machine designers and equipment manufacturers simplify and speed-up structure design work.
  • Creo Manikin- A fully-fledged digital human modelling option, made to tailor your products for human-product interactions.
  • Creo Piping and Cabling- Extract logic from schematics to automate your 3D pipe and cable routing.

Want to find out more about Creo? Download the datasheet here:

PTC Creo Parametric Datasheet