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Mathcad Examples: Customer Successes

Kongsberg Devotek AS

Kongsberg Devotek is a leader within consultation and product development service in Norway. The company conducts complex technical product development tasks for advanced customers, in the fields of automotive, oil & gas, maritime, defence, telecom and general industry. The development might include data collection, documentation of request for specification, production, test and final qualifications of prototypes.

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Business Initiative

  • The request for well-documented calculations/simulations to be used by many, including customers, was a great challenge. Kongsberg Devotek was looking for an easy-to-use calculation tool which was based upon mathematical notations.


Solution: Achieved through Mathcad examples

  • Mathcad is used for system design of complex systems with good results. At the same time it is excellent for simple calculations. Mathcad replaces Excel, and makes it easier to conduct complex calculations. Formulas are written in Mathcad in the same way as they are shown in the documentation, reducing error-prone risks. The simple user interface also facilitates the sharing and documenting of calculations.


  • Able to put more detail in the technical solution for a better product in the long term using Mathcad for engineers
  • The high level of integration of Pro/ENGINEER and MECHANICA makes it possible to analyse alternatives and modifications relatively fast, resulting in a better approach of the optimum design