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How product engineers can speed up data management and get more done

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 05-Nov-2021 10:00:00

You don’t need to waste time locating and accessing your CAD files anymore. There’s a much easier way. Let’s find out more.

How much of your day do you actually spend creating? I bet you wish it was more. Unfortunately, you have to do all the other stuff that goes with your job, like long, unproductive meetings and troubleshooting your technology. Some of these time-holes are out of your control; meetings are a part of every job. But, there are other ways you can reduce wasted time as a product engineer. In this article, we’ll examine the inefficiencies you face every day and look at how we can reduce their impact.


What gets in the way of productivity?


The Engineering Leader’s Guide to PDM & Data Management is an introduction to managing your product development team’s most valuable design assets and preventing costly manufacturing errors. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn the critical role that data management plays at every stage of the product design and manufacturing process – and you’ll review all the key factors to consider when choosing the best solution for your company. The book also covers the benefits and pitfalls of Product Data Management (PDM) systems and compares them to alternative cloud and mobile technologies that are relatively new to the market. 


If you’re in product development, you’re bound to have wasted valuable time working on the wrong version of a product because you didn’t know which CAD file was the most recent one. It can lead to more time spent fixing the situation, as well as wasted materials. It’s also extremely frustrating! 


Why wasted time can be lethal for your business


A manufacturing company is only as good as the products it produces – and it takes designers and engineers to create that intellectual property. If those product experts are not spending enough time actually creating, it can lead to bad outcomes for the business:

  • Poor return on investment – when engineering teams cannot work on product design, it extends production times and reduces the effectiveness of your budget
  • You surrender your position in the market - slower production gives your competitors time to catch up
  • Unhappy staff – your product development team are there to create, not to waste time managing data


However, the good news is that there is a remedy to the time wasted trying to locate and access CAD files. 


SaaS is the solution


You can easily reduce the time your engineers spend searching for the correct CAD file to work on. You can also ensure that they are always working on the current version of the design, eliminating those frustrating situations when you accidentally work on a previous iteration. All you need to do is switch your CAD to a SaaS platform like Onshape.


With Onshape, your Onshape Document is the only version of the design you can access, so you’ll never waste time trying to locate the correct version or start working on the wrong one. Plus, because Onshape is a SaaS solution, everything lives in the Cloud, so there’s no downloading, installation, upgrades or license codes to worry about – everything just works. 


Switch to SaaS and you’ll see the benefits instantly – less wasted time, a simpler workflow and better collaboration in your teams. What are you waiting for?

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