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Mathcad Prime 3.0 - Latest Release


Mathcad Prime 3.0 is now here. The latest release of Mathcad brings with it significant updates and enhancements, including:


  • Global definitions
  • Math in Text
  • Templates
  • Math Formatting
  • Custom Functions
  • Advanced Numerics

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Watch the video to get a full introduction to Mathcad Prime 3.0:

Global definitions

With Global Definitions, you are able to outline and express a variable within your worksheet, without any concerns about the order of the calculations. This has two real advantages: you have greater control over your worksheet and presenting your document is more straightforward. 

Math in Text

By using Mathcad Prime 3.0, you can present math and text side-by-side. This makes it much easier to follow the flow of your worksheet and improves your worksheet presentation. It also means that you can include and paste math within the text sections, knowing that it will update with subsequent calculation changes. 


Are you spending a lot of time formatting your worksheet, with things like the header content and margin size? Instead of spending you time doing this, you can create a template that means it is already there for you, each and every time you start a new worksheet.

Math Formatting

Mathcad Prime 3.0 comes with the ability to format all of your math as you want it to be presented. This means you can amend it to suit any standard document requirements, your company’s brand, or just your personal preferences. 

Custom Functions

As a result of the Custom Functions feature, you are able to include your own functions. So, whether you wish to customize the existing functions to suit your own preferences or need to be able to include niche content, the customer functions feature makes this possible. It means you can easily access and use them in your own worksheet.

Advanced Numerics

Mathcad Prime 3.0 builds on the calculation improvements already seen in Mathcad Prime 2.0. It means that, as a user, you are able to evaluate a greater number of more complex calculations, often in less time. 



Want to find out more about Mathcad Prime 3.0? Download the datasheet here.

PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0