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Concurrent Engineering

Mathcad for Engineers: Success Stories

Euro-Rigging: Serving Clients Using Pro/ENGINEER and Mathcad for Engineers

Being one of the leading, independent engineering firms in the world, Euro-Rigging is active in the design of lifting equipment for clients worldwide. Spirit of Euro-Rigging: “Euro-Rigging, independent engineers and consultants, active in the area of heavy mechanical engineering, (mobile) cranes and foundation equipment and lifting and transport.”

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Business Initiative

  • Using Pro/ENGINEER as their in-house CAD system, Euro-Rigging was looking for a combination of top quality and experience in Pro/ENGINEER and specific know-how in the design of heavy mechanical equipment, such as cranes.


  • Euro-Rigging invested in Pro/ENGINEER Foundation and Pro/ENGINEER Enterprise SE packages.
  • To optimize Structural designs they opted for one additional Pro/E Mechanica module.
  • To be able to fully support the top down design process they opted for one additional Advanced Assembly Extension.
  • To fully integrate engineering calculations within the design process they have invested in Mathcad for engineers


  • Able to put more detail in the technical solution for a better product in the long term using Mathcad for engineers
  • The high level of integration of Pro/ENGINEER and MECHANICA makes it possible to analyse alternatives and modifications relatively fast, resulting in a better approach of the optimum design