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Concurrent Engineering

Engineering Calculations with Mathcad Prime 1.0


Mathcad Prime 1.0 is the first release in a new generation for the Mathcad product range.

It has been fully re-written, including a new user interface, to ensure improved usability. This makes Mathcad easier to learn and use. Yet, behind the simplicity, are the powerful Mathcad engineering calculation tools. These provide a platform for users to document advanced engineering design work with ease.

Get your free trial of the latest Mathcad software today and find out for yourself the capabilities of this impressive engineering calculations software. 

Free Trial

Fully compatible with previous releases

Reduce time needed to recalculate and remake worksheets, as with Mathcad Prime 1.0 it is possible to easily convert most worksheets going back as far as Mathcad 7.0.


Document-focused calculations

Decrease the time needed to create a worksheet, through abilities to combine maths with text and images all in a single document. This means less time is spent editing and more time spent on the actual engineering.


Superior Maths Examination

Test calculations with ease before they are applied to any design work and reduce any unnecessary re-working later in the design process. Meaning you can get more done in less time with Mathcad Prime.


Dynamic Units Checking

Decrease mistakes and improve calculation accuracy with the total support for units within all calculations made in Mathcad Prime 1.0. The core product now also includes capabilities, which were only available in the extension packs for previous Mathcad releases.