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Concurrent Engineering

Case Studies and Customer Stories

Welcome to our Case Studies and Customer Stories! We've assembled a bunch of compelling content that we're sure you'll find useful from a number of different industries.

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Mission to Mars mission_to_mars_images.png

Mission to Mars

Creo Parametric
Koolmill Koolmill_image.png


Creo Parametric
Structural Science Composites composites_manu_image.png

Structural Science Composites

Product Lifecycle Management
Nicklin Untitled_design.jpg


Probe Probe_Case_Study_4.jpg


Bang & Olufsen bang__olufsen_image.png

Bang & Olufsen

Windchill, Product Lifecycle Management
Triumph Motorbikes Ltd motorbike_image.png

Triumph Motorbikes Ltd

Adidas addidas_image.png


Product Lifecycle Management
Structural Science Composites

Structural Science Composites

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